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SPA & Well Being Rituals

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SPA & Well Being Rituals

Learn everything you need to know about yoga, Pilates, exercise or Nordic walking. All kinds of workout routines are provided in Chateau Monty SPA Resort. Recognize the overall health benefits of practising yoga, Pilates and Nordic walking..

If you are interested, please order "well-being rituals“ two weeks prior your arrival. 

  • Pilates
  • Thai Chi
  • Jóga
  • Nordic walking 

“Nature lovingly gives, the man lovingly accepts.”

Well Being Rituals represent the soul of the Chateau Monty SPA Resort. With their help we work magic on all your senses to create the strongest possible effect of harmonizing the body, mind and soul. All five rituals have a healing and rejuvenating effect on the skin and will bring relief to the tired body and positively affect your mood.



Rehabilitations Ritual

A massage that focuses on the muscles, skin, subcutaneous tissue, and the musculoskeletal system as a whole. It relaxes and stretches tight, shortened muscles and helps to restore the natural flexibility of the body. The massage relieves muscle and joint pains, and thanks to stretching and a little exercise, it has a positive effect on movement. At the end, a balm of exotic pine trees, which are found in the essential oil of the maritime pine, is applied.  

In this therapy you will experience: 

  • Full body massage with a mixture of plant and essential oils - 70 minutes
  • Body pack with maritime pine oil - 20 minutes

Time: 90 minutes  |  Price: 2.390,- CZK



Five Elements Ritual

Luxurious care, deep skin hydration and nourishment with vitamins A, B, C, E. Revitalisation of the skin of the back, back of the legs and hands. Hydration of the skin. Stress relief. The ritual begins with moistening the areas with coconut milk. A creamy gentle peeling treatment to remove the top layers of old, dry skin. The scrub will deeply cleanse the pores, improve blood circulation and promote the elimination of toxins. It is followed by a body pack with Fijian butter to improve skin elasticity, and restore a youthful appearance. You will be accompanied by the tropical fragrance that is typical of the Fiji Islands. Hot lava stones are applied to relax, unwind, and enhance this ritual. 

In this therapy you will experience: 

  • Gentle peeling - 10 minutes
  • Body pack - 15 minutes
  • Hydrating back, back of legs and hands massage - 20 minutes
  • Lava stone massage - 25 minutes

Time: 70 minutes  |  Price: 1.990,- CZK



Cashmere Ritual

This experience caring ritual begins with a full body scrub, continues with a vitalizing pack and ends with a soothing body aromatherapy massage. Sandal wood, argan oil, thermal water from Aachen and stem cells from the Champagne pear are the ingredients that make this ritual unique. Relieves tension and calms the mind, relaxes tense and stiff muscles.

In this therapy you will experience: 

  • Full body peeling - 10 minutes
  • Full body follow-up treatment - 20 minutes
  • Full body aroma massage with argan oil - 30 minutes

Time: 60 minutes  |  Price: 1.890,- CZK



Ritual "Ten Flowers"

Flowers have rejuvenating and anti-depressive effects. First immerse yourself in a lavender crystal bath. The beneficial salt and lavender will help you cleanse not only your body but also your mind. A forty-minute massage with the help of warmed lavender pouches and essential oil of ten flowers will bring relief from mental tension and muscle pain, calm the nervous system and rid you of negative thoughts.

In this therapy you will experience: 

  • Sea salt and lavender oil bath - 15 minutes
  • Lavender pouches massage - 40 minutes

Time: 55 minutes  |  Price: 1.790,- CZK



Frankincense Ritual

After a cleansing full body scrub that leaves your skin smooth, firm and glowing, you‘ll be wrapped up like a baby in a blanket in an incense butter pack. Then indulge in a deeply relaxing full body massage with nourishing frankincense essential oil, often referred to as the king of essential oils. The oil unifies skin tones, lightens pigment spots on the body. Slows down the ageing process.

In this therapy you will experience: 

  • Cleansing peling - 10 minutes
  • Full body massage with frankincense oil - 40 minutes
  • Body pack - 15 minutes

Time: 65 minutes  |  Price: 1.890,- CZK




All rituals can be ordered recepce,galahotels,cz,HERE.