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Necessary restart

Necessary restart

Have the past months been for you a period of frequent flus, airways inflammations, colds and runny nose? Do you catch an infection on every occasion and do you take different antibiotics over and over again but without the desired result? The reason can lie in a weakened immune system which does not work the way it is necessary during this period and so you are not able to heal yourselves quickly and properly. What are some ways that support our immune system? Come to us and we can help you start your immune system again.

Package includes:

* Spa fee is not included in the price

Price 2020: 

01.11. - 20.12.  
Single room STANDARD      4 650 CZK stay
Double room STANDARD      8 100 CZK room / stay


02.01. - 31.03.
01.11. - 20.12.
Single room STANDARD       6 050 CZK stay
Double room STANDARD     10 530 CZK room / stay
01.04. - 31.10.  
Single room STANDARD       8 390 CZK stay
Double room STANDARD     15 210 CZK room / stay

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