Every sauna ritual is an experience ritual


Get close to the fiery energy and let your body be saturated with vitalizing healing heat, breath through the fiery heat of new birth. Relieve everything that damages your body, such as toxins, fats or stress. Or let yourself be surrounded by healing aroma of herbs. Sneak into the warm womb of the Queen of Scents, and let your imagination run riot. While listening to relaxing music, you can find yourself in a fairy-tale where herb fairies heal your soul and your body.

Price per person 590 CZK / 2 hours


Monday - Sunday07:00 — 21:00

In the cave, salt minerals are released into the air, and sodium chloride cleans the airways from allergens or sediments that cause recurrent illnesses. This is intense inhalation. The stay in a salt cave is recommended to people with recurrent colds, respiratory diseases, allergies, asthma. However, it is always recommended to consult a physician.

Permitted operating temperature: 15° – 30°C

Recommended temperature: 21°C

Permitted operating humidity: max. 70 %

Recommended humidity: 60 - 65 %

Recommended length of stay: 45 min./strong>

Number of recommended cycles: 1 - 2 cycles per week

Capacity of salt cave: 6 people



Monday - Sunday08:00 - 21:00

Finnish sauna is a dry heat bath that aims at alternating hot air temperature shocks with an ice water bath or shower. In order to increase the effects of heat "in the sweat room", it is possible to carry out auto-massage with a variety of massage facecloths and brushes. To achieve the required effects of the sauna it is necessary to undergo an adequate number of alternating sweating and cooling cycles. Indications: total body relaxation, blood pressure disorders (hypotonia), chronic airway disorders, arthrosis, degenerative joint disease, rheumatism, detoxification of the body, endorphin release - happiness hormones, immune enhancement - flu and colds prevention, additional treatment in losing weight. Contraindications: high temperature intolerance, unhealed wounds, bleeding skin defects, acute inflammation, especially fever illnesses, malignant disease, high pressure, heavy pregnancy, fungal diseases, epilepsy.

After sauna, it is necessary to replenish the body with fluid.

Permitted operating temperature: 40° – 110°C

Recommended temperature: 80 - 90°C

Permitted operating humidity: 3 - 10 %

Recommended humidity: 6 %

Recommended length of stay: 5 - 15 min.

Number of recommended cycles: 2 to 3 cycles

Kapacita finské sauny: Spa capacity: max. 7 seated persons (fewer if lying down)



Monday - Sunday08:00 - 21:00

The herbal bath is functionally similar to classic Finnish sauna. The herbal bath differs from the typical Finnish sauna by lower set temperatures, higher relative humidity (usually with automatic pouring over the stove or stove spraying) and various additional attractions (colour lighting, relaxation sound) and above all by the use of aromatic essences. They are applied in two ways depending on the type of application. Either by the application of liquid essences into special heater bowls, (other application of essences on the heater is strictly forbidden for safety reasons), or by the use of solid herbs on special evaporation grids (manual or automatic herbal scrubbing is recommended). Trained authorized operators may only perform the use of essences.

Permitted operating temperature: 30° – 55°C

Recommended temperature: 45 - 47°C

Permitted operating humidity: 100 %

Recommended humidity: 100 %

Recommended length of stay: 20 - 30 min.

Number of recommended cycles: 1

Spa capacity: 5 people



Monday - Sunday08:00 - 21:00

The steam bath is also known as a hot-air wet bath. The body does not heat up as swiftly as it does during sauna and the humidity is 100%. The effect of the steam bath increases especially when the steam is enriched with eucalyptus or other medicinal substances. Thus, it can provide optimal environment for an effective treatment of respiratory problems and overall relaxation. It is necessary to realize that the perspiration phase occurs (with respect to 100% humidity in the cabin) only after leaving the cabin. Subsequent relaxation (in a bathrobe on a lounger or in a tepidarium / a warm room) is therefore essential for the proper functioning of the steam bath therapy. Indications: It helps to relieve the airways, contributes to the regeneration of overstrained muscles, reduces overall fatigue, positively affects the overall body blood flow and its detoxification, benefits the joints and relieves rheumatic problems.

Contraindications: Open skin injuries / unhealed wounds, fungal diseases, hypersensitivity to higher temperatures.

Permitted operating temperature: 30° – 55°C

Recommended temperature: 45 - 47°C

Permitted operating humidity: 100 %

Recommended humidity: 100 %

Recommended length of stay: 10 - 15 min.

Number of recommended cycles: 1

Spa capacity: 8 people



Monday - Sunday07:00 - 21:00

This type of heating has a different type of heat source from Finnish sauna. The infra-heater (sometimes called "infrasauna") has installed infrared heaters that produce mainly radiant heat instead of a conventional heater (which heats the air in the sauna). Heat spreads primarily through radiation - that is, directly from the radiator to the person inside the cabin. The air in the cabin is heated only afterwards (in contrast to Finnish sauna). With regard to lower operating temperatures and possibly cooler air (not with a long start-up of the cabin), this therapy is recommended to people who are unable to tolerate high temperatures in classic Finnish sauna. Warming of the body occurs even at these lower temperatures. The use of infra-cabin is recommended especially before an exercise or before a massage.

Permitted operating temperature: 40° – 70°C

Recommended temperature: 55°C

Recommended length of stay: 8 - 15 min.

Number of recommended cycles: 1 cycle – warming up before the massage

Spa capacity: max. 4 seated persons (seating only)



The ice well is designed for an attractive body cooling in the sauna procedure. The way of using it is individual (as well as the stay in the warming room) and it is therefore necessary to use the ice crush with circumspection and if necessary to consult its use with a specialist (a sauna assistant, a doctor, etc.). Crushed ice is picked up with bare hands and thrown onto a naked body (shoulders, back, chest, etc.). It is not recommended to put on the head. Overheating of the body in the sauna should be followed by a fast cooling phase under a shower (max. 5 minutes), in a pond, cooling pool or in a water bath at 8-12 ° C (max. 2 minutes). In winter snow or an ice hollow can be used instead. Crushed ice thus partly simulates winter climatic conditions. When we feel the need for warmth again, the cooling phase needs to be stopped. Cold causes the vessels to contract, and the blood circulation gets steady. The recovery of the "cooled" blood circulation is accelerated by a warm bath of the legs while sitting. .

The foot bath takes 3 to 5 minutes. Pleasant feeling of warmth in the whole body appears very quickly. Final cooling should prevent sweating after getting dressed.

Brash-ice temperature: cca -5°C

Attraction capacity: 1 person

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