Wellness is a very broad concept, including both the side of the spirit and the body. Primarily, the word wellness means a path to the harmony of mind, soul and body. The goal is to make a person feel good, which should therefore result from mental, physical, environmental and social well-being. We can meet the term wellness in the context of various workplaces (such as fitness centers), or perhaps with programs such as spas, Finnish saunas, etc.

366 days full of experiences

You will enjoy 2 nights in the room of your choice, a relaxation ritual and a gourmet dinner in the restaurant. The rich content of the package is set to meet all your expectations and contribute to strengthening your health, and you left rested and full of energy.
Price from:7790
MON_Kouzelná proměna.jpg

Elixir of health

Stay for 3 nights in a room of your choice. Prevent your health problems and don't overlook those that are already bothering you! Relax your mind and body from everyday worries and get new energy. Our weekly stay will contribute to overall well-being, improve your mood and get you back in shape.
Price from:12990
MON_Elixír zdraví.jpg

Passionate nights at the chateau

Enjoy the special life momets such as your engagement, honeymoon or wedding anniversery in the romantic environment of our chateau. Winter belongs to the most favourite seasons for a lot of our guests. The chateau along with the surrounding park and forests are full of trees, whisch have thrown off their colourful leaves to get ready for their winter sleep. Imagine yourself with your partner, friends or family (or even without them) in the middleof this work of art with a wide range of winter colours in a family atnosphere, with delicious seasonal meals and magical curative powers of the local spa rituals of our therapists´touches.
Price from:17910

Monty's kingdom

Let our friendly and good spirit named Montík enter among you, who invites everyone, and not just children, to his castle. Do not hesitate and come with your children to our Chateau Monty SPA Resort, have a lot of fun and see for yourself that everything is ready to spend carefree days.

The package is valid with at least 1 child.

Price from:8880

A carefree Christmas

Would you like to spend your Christmas in a different way? You can avoid the Christmas rush and let us take care of the preparation. We will bake your Christmas sweets, our cooks will prepare your carp and potato salad and you can have a good time in the hotel’s swimming pool overlooking the beautiful snowy landscape. Christmas is a holiday of peace and quiet, so it is a perfect time for relaxing both your body and mind at our Chateau Monty SPA Resort.
Price from:30530CZK

The NEW YEAR´S EVE with the old Friedns

Are you thinking about where to celebrate the end of the old year and welcome the new one? Forget about the TV and canapés and enjoy your New Year’s Eve in a totally different, untraditional way! Relaxation, delicious food and great fun – that’s Chateau Monty SPA Resort. Spend the last moments of 2024 and enter the new year of 2025 with us.
Price from:32880CZK
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